Overlook at Highland Park


Pulte Homes. Life beyond measure.™

This historic site provides scenic views and open space for your family to discover, just as Robert Wood Johnson intended for his own children over 100 years ago. Our design featured a curved display-wall of local amenities and attractions within walking distance on one side and a Highland Park area film on the other. Oversized area map and other display walls visually describe the endless offerings of the surrounding area.

A well designed real estate discovery center is one of your most powerful sales tools, giving your product its optimum perceived value. The sales center holds the story and vision of your project. It connects both your brand message and your sales & marketing strategy through a user experience that targets your audience on a sincere and emotional level. We create sales environments that are unique to your particular story and are strategic in showcasing your key messages in an enjoyable, memorable and effective manner.

Concept and design to fabrication, installation and maintenance.